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Missing Tools

“I have another favour to ask: Last time when the little pups came over to play with old Mr Porter, they took my important tools stored in the Lodge and hid them across Utopia. Could you help me to find them please?”

Click here to start the puzzle

Find the missing tools

Open the file “3. E - Map_Puzzle” to find all missing tools.

(Answers are included in the hint folder)

Click here after you have found all the missing tools

“Thank you so much for finding them all! You are so very kind. Not everyone can trust and accept a werewolf to be around these days. Here at Utopia, I am forever grateful to my boss and my amazing friends that don’t judge me and trust me completely. To be honest, everyone who is working here has their own story, but here we are accepted just as we are.”

Mr Porter took out one of his tools that you managed to retrieve for him earlier.

“Here’s a special wrench from me. I have used it to fix many unfixable things in the world. You might find good use of it.”

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