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Lucky's Poem

“Oh now everything feels awesome, meow. Thanks so much, meow. Can I have one last request? If you can find my lost toy, I will be happy and lucky again, meow. Then everything will be restored to normal, meow!”

You realise when you assembled the Pa Kua, there is an ancient poem on the back of it.

Click here to start Puzzle 3

"Where is my favourite toy, meow?" (Lower case and no space needed in the answer)

Open the file “4. E - Pa_Kua_Poem” to see the full poem. Enter your answer below.


Lucky jumps on it and finds his toy!

“Oh thanks so much for finding it, meow! I am so surprised that it has survived the weather, meow. So lucky, meow! I have really enjoyed playing with you, meow! Here’s my Lucky Necklace for you as a token of gratitude. Farewell! Meow.”

Well done! You obtain the item “Lucky’s Necklace”.

Lucky jumped on that and found nothing. "Meow......" He seemed very sad!

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