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Lucky's Pa Kua

As you put the pictures in the correct order on the wall, the Pa Kua falls off from the door frame and almost hits you on the head!

“I have been so unlucky recently, meow. I get lost all the time, and I can't find my favourite toy, meow. It must be because I didn’t assemble the Pa Kua correctly, meow. Could you fix it for me please, meow?”

Click here to start Puzzle 2

What is the correct order to place all the Pa Kua pieces? (In capitals)

Open the file “3. Print - Pa_Kua_Puzzle” to see the full image and enter the correct order in the text box below.


"Awesome work, meow! This seems to be correct!"

"Yawn, meow. Try again try again, meow!!" Lucky almost tries to scratch you.

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