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Great Swordsmanship

“Outstanding swordsmanship combines stable hands, sharp eyes and great wisdom. Here’s a test for you.”

Start the second test

What is the answer to the Samurai's test? (No space needed in the answer)


Take the printed out “2. Print - Death_Poem” and “3. Print - Samurai_Painting”  to start


"A high five keeps you alive. Top secret of Samurai teamwork. This is totally revolutionary." Tokugawa proudly says. 

Tokugawa is very impressed by your work. He raises his head slightly and gazes into an unknown past: “I used to be working hard days and nights to become the greatest swordsman and to loyally serve my master. I spent 10 years during that time writing <The Greatest Swordsman>. However, as soon as I finished writing the book, one of my fellow samurais betrayed me and I was framed for something I didn’t do. My master wanted to send me into exile and I hid my book just before I ran away to here. The task that you have just amazingly completed, was one from my book. Please take this special sword from me, I think you will find better use of it.” Tokugawa seems to sink deeper into his thought. The pink cherry blossom petals fall to the ground silently, and shrine looks even redder at this moment. Tokugawa silently points at a distance and lets you go.

Tokugawa is looking into your eyes with great trust and determination. "I know you will get it next time." He says.

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