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Ending Story 2


The New Warden

You have helped Mr Porter with taking care of the cute wolf pups. Miss Tiny has shown you the Hidden Forest and her secret Magic Dust that makes every plant grow glitters. Tokugawa has told you more about his story and how to use double swords. You have also realised Lucky is the most unpredictable member at this place. He can go missing for a few days then suddenly jump down from your roof top to your dinner table. You are totally fascinated at everyone ’s unique life story and their great characters. 


You have felt this burning desire of sharing yours. You decide to open a brand new location at the Utopian Holiday Estate to share with tired and weary people that life is truly about.


Your location is going to be called: ____________


“Great idea, meow! The 5th exciting location! Can’t wait to see new guests coming to play with me again!” Lucky’s eyes brighten up. Beside him, are Mr Porter, Tokugawa and Miss Tiny. You walk towards them, with a heart full of joy and hope for the future.

This concludes your adventure in Utopia. Thanks for playing!

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