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Ending Story 1


Is it just a dream?

You have spent a few days at the Utopian Holiday Estate and got to know everyone much better. Time has gone by quickly and it is time for you to head back to your normal life. The very fun few days have recharged your energy and you go back to work much happier and powerful. Just within a few months, you are given a big promotion and will be moving in to a better house. 


It’s the bank holiday! You stretch your sore shoulders and think that you should be away for a couple days to relax your mind. You jump into the car and try to drive to the Utopian Holiday Estate based on your memory. After a couple hours, you realise you are only driving around and around a foggy forest. You ask a local person about where Utopian City is and he only laughs at you and thinks you are drunk. 


You realise you can’t find it anymore.


Is it really just a dream? Even if it is, it is still a very special one that will be stored at the a precious corner of your heart.

This concludes your adventure in Utopia. Thanks for playing!

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