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End choices

You have successfully opened the heavy grand golden gate. You turn around, and see these 4 incredible new friends were just outside the Lodge and smiling at you.

Mr Porter chuckles while saying: “Oh, I would be so excited to have a new member joining us.”

“Meow, I feel again that this is someone who has a story!” Lucky added.

“I want to have someone to travel to the Hidden Forest with me.” Miss Tiny is thinking out loud.

“Glory, it is for. Once, you only live.” Tokugawa mediates.

Click the button below to reveal the two end choices.

Reveal End Choices

End Choice 1

You try to shake off the memories you have created in this incredible place. “This is just a dream!” you tell yourself, “One day I need to wake up and face the reality.” You think about your job, your achievement and your successful future ahead. It is extremely irresponsible to leave these behind. You turn around and give them the most sincere of apology.

End Choice 2

Fame, money and success…. What is the meaning of having them while you can’t even have peace. You have never had so much fun, learnt so much and felt so accepted before. You wonder what kind of exciting life waits ahead of you if you choose to stay. “Give it a try!” You heart shouts out.

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