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Blessing of the Nature

“Be careful with the flowers! It takes a lot of magic dust to grow even just one. Oh you must be one of the guests here. I am Maia and people call me Miss Tiny. As you have stepped into some of my precious plants, please help me to replant some! The plants here are all special blessings of the nature, you will need to assemble the plants and naturally elements at the exact correct places to make them grow. Here are what you need…”

Start the puzzle

After reconstructing the triangle with matching symbol on neighbouring tiles, what is the sequence on the third row?

The triangles are found in “2. Print - Wonder_1_-_Blessing_of_the_Nature". Make sure to print them out and cut out the triangles.

E - Triangle.jpg

Dazzling magic dusts shoot off from the Wonder Land like fireworks. Wherever the magic dusts lands, colourful flowers and mushrooms appear. Well done! 

“Thank you so much! This will do, and they will grow quickly with all the care and love. Here’s a special Magic Dust Scoop as a little present from me. I would love to show you more amazing wonders around. Maybe when you will soon decide to stay at Utopia for a bit longer!” She winks.

You put all the elemental tiles together. Holding your breath, you expect to see something purely magical. Miss Tiny looks at the trampled flowers, but is very disappointed that the magic doesn't happen.

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