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Story at the Lodge

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You walk out from Tokugawa’s place and his story has deeply moved your heart. You continue to wander around the footpath and start to see the golden gate drawing closer. Between you and the gate is a big wooden house. Interestingly, there’s some fog around it and it makes the house more mysterious. 


Inside the fog, you see a kind-looking man – or maybe a wolf or even a werewolf? – standing there looking a bit puzzled. You laugh and ask yourself: “Can a werewolf be kind-looking really?” The man might have heard you and turn around looking surprised: “Oh pardon me! Is today the day that our visitors come? Oh, my mind is so troubled these days that I have forgotten! Hello, I am Mr Porter and this is the Lodge. Please excuse my poor manners, I am tangled in a couple of issues.”

Mr Porter seems genuinely troubled, so you ask if you can help. You feel like you can’t refuse it.

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