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Story at the Wind Water House

E - Wind_Water_House_with_Lucky_2.jpg

Yin and Yang in the Wind Water House

You are captivated by the beautiful view in the Wind-Water House. You walk through the oriental style pavilions, over the bridge and sit down for a cup of hot green tea. Life just could not get any better. You start to walk back to your room, and you realise you are lost and you keep coming back to the same place.

“Meow…… meow.“ 

A cat suddenly jumps onto the bridge, looking into your eyes teasingly. He suddenly starts speaking: “Oh finally someone I can play with, meow!”

You are too surprised to say anything but could only manage mumble to the cat: “Where am I? And who are you?”

The cat speaks again: “Oh how rude, meow! You should introduce yourself first, meow! I am the guardian of the Wind-Water House and my name is Lucky, meow! I will let you go if you play with me, meow!“

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