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Prologue: The Puppets That Killed


It was a great show and Master Devland was a truly wonderful puppet master. All the beautiful puppets almost felt alive! All the audience stood up and clapped their hands after the final song. Master Devland acted as he fell asleep along with the four puppets.

Strangely, with the loud claps and cheers from the audience, Master Devland still didn't wake up. You sat in the front row and you decided to step forward to the stage to check what's going on. 

In great shock, you realised Master Devland was murdered, with a rose in his chest, a red clown nose on his own nose and a crystal ball broken by his feet. The puppets looked sad.


As the audience gradually found out what just happened, they were frightened and panicking. Everyone started to run towards the exit, but they realised all the doors were locked.


You took a few deep breaths and tried to calm down. There’s no use to be running aimlessly right now, you were determined to investigate the theatre to find a way to leave this manic place.


Are the puppets the murderers? Can you escape?

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