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The Creation of Utopia Holiday Estate

Escape Utopia is probably my favourite creation ever.

I have made dozens of escape rooms and murder mysteries since becoming a maths teacher in 2014, I would say this one has really combined many of my favourite elements. With a multicultural background and great enthusiasm to travel and see a wider world, I have brought many of my favourite places into Utopia Holiday Estate.

The topic picture here is a proud drawing from Procreate which I just started using since April during lockdown. The shrines, cherry blossoms and the old traditional buildings make up a fond memory of my trip to Japan, my absolute favourite place to be. There are many elements in this place that I don't want to spoil! :D

Every location in the Utopian Holiday Estate is related to a place in my memory. I hope you can find amazing places in your memory that give you the same kind of peace and joy!

Character-wise, you can probably see Lucky the cat has become the mascot of our workshop. His mischief is from my very first cat Pancake that's living in China with my mum. I used to be scared of cats, Pancake has changed my life and made me laugh so much.

Some of the other wardens are based on real and meaningful characters, and some are based on how I perceive how we feel about the society nowadays. I will be keen to hear what you say about them so feel free to comment or send me a message!

2020 has been a really crazy year, I have really missed seeing my friends and families. I am totally gutted that I have to cancel many travel plans including my Tokyo trip that I have been longing for ages. I also need to learn how to do my job in a brand new way. Since end of May, I have been dedicated a lot of time in starting this workshop and releasing Escape Utopia as its first product. I have created 40+ original art and puzzle pictures. It almost felt like a virtual trip to me and I have really enjoyed creating it.

I hope there will be many more fun and thrilling escape rooms that I can share with you in the future.

With love,


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