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Finale: Yes, the Puppets Have Killed.


As you just opened the door, you saw the police trying to break the door open. You explained to the police about your escape and handed them the mysterious evidence that you managed to recover. You told them Master Devland was the real criminal behind the serial killing. They promised you they would re-investigate properly of his crimes.


You felt so tired after this crazy adventure. Before you left to your hotel, the police asked: “We really appreciate your wit and detective skills in the puppet theatre. As we are not able to gain any useful clues about who murdered Master Devland, would you mind to share your thoughts about it?”


You recalled the interaction with each puppet and the story you uncovered. For the first time in your life, you felt such a strong sense of unease. 


You told the police: “I think, the puppets might have really done it.”


Early next day morning, you went to the checkout counter of the hotel. It’s the time to depart and leave this special town. You couldn’t stop thinking about what you experienced yesterday. There’s still questions unanswered and business unfinished.


After the checkout process, the hotel manager smiled at you and handed over a small suitcase to you. He said “a grateful person” dropped this off last night for you. You needed a password to open it, You had a think and tried the password in your memory.


The suitcase was immediately clicked opened., and you saw three puppets lying inside. There’s a note on it:

“Thank you for saving the sad souls and bringing justice and safety back to our lives. I trust that your courage and wisdom will guide them back home.”

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Well done! You have managed to escape the puppet theatre and found out important evidence of Master Devland's crimes. Your journey has concluded here.

However, if you would like to help with recovering the full mystery of this story, you are welcome to enter a quick bonus chapter.

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