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Lest I forget

I press the red button. 

"Psssssssss" Suddenly I am hit by a blast of red gas. I am not able to hold my breath on time to deal with such a large amount of smelly gas.

My head feels heavy and I drop down.

In my drowsiness, I feel a few people carry me onto some soft bed. Then, my arms and body are tied up.

I heard some unclear voices around me.

"...... It is so close this time. He almost remembered it when he was in the Laboratory, when he was staring at Abbott's profile."

"...... Poor Val, having all these people living in his head, one of the most serious DID case I have seen......"

"Well, they are not just ordinary people. I think they are his family and friends. Two days ago when we tried this set-up experience I am sure I heard him mumble 'my son' when he was in the Consultation Room."

"...... Yes I heard that too, must be so hard to lose his family and friends in the war while being a soldier fighting on the other side......"

"He's definitely making progress the more we run this. This seems to work much better than Electroshock and Insulin Shock therapies. Val had such bad seizures afterwards."

"......Let's see!"

I feel the darkness surround me and I sink deeply into another slumber.

Well done! You have completed your adventure.


Or have you?

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