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Underdog Winning Choices

Antidote Concept art 2.jpg

Choice 1

You have long been oppressed by the superior. You are under-appreciated and underestimated. You have overworked yourselves without being paid enough. You have decided to have the potion all to yourselves, and you will develop more potions for all the underdogs in the world. Underdogs are going to rise up and take over the world from the Superiors. Everyone needs to drink the cup of juice.

Confirm Choice 1

You have all had a cup of the potion with the correct ratio. You immediately feel like you are filled with all the powers in the world. You start to charge to the superiors, it is not the moment to turn the table! Suddenly, half of the people dropped to the floor dead, just as Ananias and Sapphira. The other half are feeling very strong crash on their bodies. Mere mortals seem to be incapable to handle the potion.

Choice 2

You are going to develop an antidote from the formula you obtained. The antidote can cure people’s addiction to Dr S.Atan’s previous potions the lasting side effects. You will then destroy all the potions left in this lab as well as all the research records. Well this does seem like a sudden decision. But you know why. 

Confirm Choice 2

You set the lab on fire, and threw all the research records from Dr S.Atan into the blazing flame. The Superiors kneeled next to the fire and cried: “NO!!!!”


Two days later in the CCD News, the reporter revealed the detailed forensic result of Dr S.Atan’s death. The result shows that human bodies cannot contain the strong effect from R2104, which seems to be destructive to human hearts, bones and marrows. Ultimately, Dr S.Atan died from the death of his soul. The next news from CCD reported that the Underdogs managed to create the antidotes for R2104, they gave them for free to those who wanted to be free from the addiction and terrible side effects. Well done Underdogs! 

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