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Team Leader Read:


"Congratulation team! You have successfully hacked into Dr S.Atan’s house under my amazing leadership. This house seems full of clues as well as traps. If you look for the wrong clues aimlessly, you will need to do the punishment accordingly. Be careful! Our ultimate mission is to find the formula of super potion R2104. You amazing leader, me, have managed to steal Dr S.Atan’s access card. Mhhh, will this tell us where he stored his safety box?”

Puzzle : P - Dr S.Atan Assess Card

Where is the safety box hidden? (Answer in lower case, no space)

You found a mini safety box hidden inside the Bible. Mr S.Atan always said "There's salvation in the Bible." What is his true meaning in this? We never know......

This is not the location! Keep trying! As a consolation, here's a joke for you:

Q: What’s the best thing about Switzerland?

A: I don’t know, but the flag is a big plus.

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