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Monthly board game cafe

We organise a monthly board game cafe event, where we invite everyone to bring their favourite board games to play in the cafe. From casual players to hard-core board game enthusiasts, everyone is welcome!
We will also provide some of our own favourite board games to play.

It's a great way to have fun with old friends and meet some new friends!

Follow us on facebook or instagram to find out when the next event is!

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Virtual escape rooms

I have been creating escape room activities since becoming a teacher in 2014. They have always been the most popular events for the students. During pandemic in 2020, I started a side business on virtual escape room games. All the puzzles are connected to this website, where people can interact with when playing as a family or with friends from the comfort of home.

If you want to play in the coffee shop with my help please just give me a shout!

Black Cat Trail

Do you love having a walk and sometimes wonder if you can also do something special at the same time? 

Do you like exploring and finding something new? Like a long-forgotten treasure?

Let the black cat guide you with his magical paw prints!


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