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Act 4: Clare-Voy Anne’s Misfortune 

Puppet_2d copy.jpg

“If the juggling balls fall down,

I am gonna cast curses to the town.”


Clare-Voy Anne is such a special puppet. Her strings are made with some stronger and thicker material.


She seemed to be a fortune teller, but unfortunately her crystal ball smashed during the murder. I wondered what she saw last in her crystal? Knowing that Master Devland was not the real owner of the previous 3 poor puppets, I hoped that I could find out more about her and her real owner.

Puzzle 7: Restore the crystal ball

Please check the Hints folder for answer, then press continue after you have restored the image.


After the crystal ball was restored, I saw something incredible there. I saw a place full of roses. Everyone there was happy and content. A little boy was playing with his little puppet and his parents were giggling. And then, I saw the roses turned into blood. Suddenly, the vision was interrupted and the image was broken into pieces. The crystal ball seemed to be tipped over to the floor and the view was turned upside down. I saw the legs of a man walked by, and picked up puppet Clare-Voy Anne on the floor.

How strange, was this what Clare-Voy Anne's owner saw last in their crystal ball? I looked at puppet Clare-Voy Anne and couldn't stop imagining what she had experienced before she was taken away. The unusually strong strings were holding her standing straight. Unlike the other puppets that looked lifeless without the control of the puppet master, she stood there firmly, with her right arm pointing at the back of the puppet stage.

You followed it and walked to the back of the puppet stage. You were astonished to discovered some mechanism.

Suddenly, you heard a quiet clashing noise and some metallic sound. All the puppets had crushed to the ground. Some metal cogs that were holding them at place also fell off. You picked them all up, and started to see if they could fit into the mechanism.

Puzzle 8: Escape

Please check the Hints folder for answer, then press continue after you have fitted all the cogs.


All the cogs started to spin together with the strong string that Clare-Voy Anne provided. "Click!" You heard a light sound, a door was opened.

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