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Act 3: Uncle Happy’s Sad Story

Puppet_2c copy.jpg

“If that ballerina falls, 

I am gonna jump with some juggling balls”

You thought you had seen puppet Uncle Happy somewhere, somewhere on the news before...... How strange was that his juggling ball ended up with Master Devland. Did Uncle Happy want to tell you that something about Master Devland? You went for a closer look, you discovered that there was something stuffed inside the juggling ball. You gently took it down and found a crumpled piece of paper inside. You also found a couple other strange pieces of papers in his pockets. Why would Master Devland be so interested in this murder case that happened so many years ago, and keep all these evidence with him?

You were surprised by the many suspicious connections between the murder today and the Rose Family case. Maybe when you figured all these out, you could find the way to escape here as well.

You laid out all these pieces of paper out and started to read about it. There was still evidence missing here. Did the police also check the CCTV when this man left the mansion through the Back Gate? Maybe they didn't, let me calculate the time.

Puzzle 5: Missing Evidence 1: Time when the man left the mansion

Input your answer in the format of HHMMSS. For example if you think the time is 9hrs13mins54seconds (or 9:13:54pm), please put 091354 as your answer.

Mhhhhh, you felt that the answer was very close. Uncle Happy smiled at you, full of trust.

Maybe the police could find more useful information if they had checked the CCTV more thoroughly at this specific moment. 

You started to read the second page of newspaper again, interesting that the the Mid Eyoker Forensic Department found an unknown DNA sequence but concluded that it was from a postman or a milkman.


At the same time you saw a first aid kit next to the stage. You ran towards it and opened it immediately. Strangely, there weren't any normal first aid items such as bandages or disinfectant. Instead, you found a quick DNA test kit. You couldn’t stop thinking how such item would make its way here, together with all these mysterious things.


Anyways, there's no time for second guessing, this place was so eerie and you gotta get out from here. You followed the instruction on the kit, and used the cotton stick to take some blood from Master Devland and applied it to the test paper strips. After 5 mins, some patterns appeared. You did it in such a hurry and their order seemed to be messed up. You wondered how to order them.

Puzzle 6: Missing Evidence 2 (Answer in UPPER CASE)

Very close! It almost matched up!

Clown Serious, the previous owner of Uncle Happy, was framed for the murder of the Rose Family! The real murderer was now murdered on the stage. You looked at the puppets again, and felt like you almost recovered the whole truth.

There were no more clues here. You moved on to check the last puppet.

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