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Act 2: Annabelina’s Last Dance 

Puppet_2b copy.jpg

“If that red flower has faded,

I am gonna show you a dance of ballet”

Annabelina was a beautiful dancing puppet. There was a special mechanism in her that she could dance on her own without the puppet master controlling the strings.


But everyone sensed the loneliness in her, it felt like someone should have been dancing with her together during the show. 

Annabelina now just stood there lifelessly. To help her to dance again, you would need to reset the mechanism. You recorded the dance sequence on your phone. With the video and the instruction at the back of the puppet, you decided to use it to reset Annebelina's mechanism and see if she would show you something useful about the murder and how to escape.

Puzzle 3: Annabelina's Dance

Whoops, Annabelina left leg just stepped onto her right leg. Let's try again!

Annabelina started to dance again. Despite the loneliness you saw during the show, you somehow sensed hope in her dance. You laughed at yourself, how could a human sense the emotions of puppets.

Just as you tried to shake off the thoughts, a small piece of paper fell off from Annabelina just as she was doing her last spin. It looked like a birthday invitation to you. Master Devland didn't seem to be the owner of this invitation, given the fact that he let Annabelina dance on her own.

It mentioned about a password in here. What could it be?

Puzzle 4: Rose Mansion Password

So close, you know you almost got it! You took another think.

That must be right! You copied down the password. "Who knows, I might need it sometime in the future!" You told yourself.

Annabelina was such a special puppet. You hope she could find where she belonged. There were no more clues here. 

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