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Act 1: Duke Rose's Soliloquy


“Hush little baby don’t say a word.

 I am gonna bring you a red flower”


You started with checking the suspicious puppets. Duke Rose looked so friendly and welcoming at the beginning, but now you felt that he’s staring at you intensely. A chill rose on your spine. You shook off the uncomfortable feeling and tried to have a closer look. 


In Duke Rose’s left hand, instead of the red rose he was holding at the beginning, there’s a little piece of paper stuck inside. You used your finger tips to take it out carefully. It looked like any normal "lost-and-found" notices, but somehow you found a hidden message in it.

Puzzle 1: Duke Rose's Message (Input answer in UPPER CASE)

Duke Rose looked at you sadly. This didn't seem to be what he wanted to tell you.

You suddenly remembered seeing this news many years ago. A vicious man killed Mr and Mrs Rose, lovely owners of the Rose Mansion. The puppet on the notice looked just like the one on the stage. Did puppet Duke Rose witnessed all this that happened? 

You had another closer look at Duke Rose, who seemed to have travelled and wandered around the world for many years. His hat was crumbled, you could vaguely see some pattern there. Maybe you could find the owner's name in this hat if you could restore it?

Puzzle 2: Duke Rose's Top Hat (Input answer in UPPER CASE)

Duke Rose's bright puppet eyes were staring at his hat in your hand. It's like he desperately wanted you to call out his real master's name.

"Roswell... Such a beautiful name." You mumbled to yourself. You hope that one day he could reunite with his owner, if he was still alive. 

There was no more clue you could find on Duke Rose, so you started to check the next puppet.

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