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Sharing Ward 5

In front of me are a number of identical beds. Did they make people sleep on beds like these? I sit on one of the beds and wonder if one of these belongs to me.

I look around, and discover Item - Patients Profile Rosie under one of the other beds.

Rosie...... I read the profile, and vaguely remember her crazy hairstyle and the unusual way she spoke. I sometimes felt she sounded so clever that I didn't know how to respond.

"Sssss......" I need to stop thinking or the annoying headache will come back, but the faces of these people are engrained in my head. The memories almost become part of me.

Rosie's profile, however, feels a bit different from the other ones. I flip over the page, and see a letter. The letter is so old that the page almost seems falling apart.

Puzzle: Open Files: 1. P - Letter.jpg

What does the letter say?

You can find answer in the Hints folder

I have read the letter

What does this mean....... The letter has deeply troubled my mind. Why would I write such a letter!

I feel the truth is bursting out. I am not ready for it and I don't want to know about it!

Suddenly, the lights in the room go off and the whole asylum is filled with a piercing and shrilling siren. The green and red buttons on the wall start flashing. I can see an iron door on the other side of the room, with an electric number pad on it.

I cover my ears and dash towards the iron door.

Puzzle: Open Files: 2. E - Digital Door.jpg

Input the code to stop the siren and to release door:

The disturbing siren has finally stopped and the lights in the room are back on. However the two buttons on the wall are still flashing, catching my attention.

The same black smoke coming out again from the door machine as I put in the wrong code. I immediately hold my breath until the smoke disappears. I need to try again quickly.

I remember who I am and why I am here. I remember Earl, Virginia, Abbott and Rosie. I can finally get out of here, with a full new truth about myself, and about being free.

Press Release Door for Ending 1

I still can't remember who I am and why I am here. Earl, Virginia, Abbott and Rosie, why are you here with me. I can't think anymore, my head hurts. I need some help!

Press Medical Attention for Ending 2

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