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Padded Cell 2

I walk through the door and see a room that is twice the size of the previous one and full of cushions. It's so empty and weirdly bright. I can't see another door in this room. It is so singularly white, it sends chills down my spine. I need to leave this room quickly.

I press around the cushions to find a way out. There's no luck, but I find a few strange pieces of paper stuck in the gaps of the cushions.

Puzzle: Open Files: 1. E - Virginia's Diary.jpg

                                  2. E - 4 Rorschach Paintings.pdf

What is the order Rorschach paintings that Virginia saw?

Answer in UPPER CASE

After I have laid out the paintings in order on the floor, some strange wind blows the paintings away. This is very eerie, maybe it's not right.

I carefully put the paintings on the floor in the order described in Virginia's diary. It's such a sad soul. I start to read Item - Patients Profile Virginia, she seems familiar. I vaguely remember the last time when we talked. My head starts to hurt.


Just as I am in deep thought about Virginia and her sad story, one of the cushioned wall splits open. It reveals another room on the other side.

This is endless!

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