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Operation Theatre 1

“Ouch……” I feel a banging headache. It’s like I have been sleeping for years and just woke up from a nightmare. I open my eyes slightly and a dirty and dark room appears in front of me. I can smell the damp air like the windows haven't been opened for years. “Who am I?… Where am I?” The sharp throbbing in my head stops me from being able to recall anything.

“Dang it!” I feel restraints on my body. I lower my eyes, and see myself tied to a hospital bed.

Puzzle: Open File: 1. E - Untie.jpg

Match the beginning and the end of each belt to untie yourself.

Type in your answer in the form of A1B2C3D4

With a light metal click,  my arms and legs are released. I am free and can move around.

"Ahhh!!!" This is not right. I need to try again, I can do it. I feel a natural drive of conquering boiling in my blood.

Click to get off bed

My body still feels numb from the long sleep. I try to get off the bed and have a look around this small and mysterious room, and I almost fall onto the floor. I have used all my energy to balance myself. Just as I am holding on the bed, I discover Item - Patients Profile Val and Item - Map.


So my name is Val... My head hurts. It's like something is trying to come out of it. I decide to take the two items with me just in case I need them in the future.

My gut feeling tells me that there must be something on the other side of the door. As I walk towards it, I feel like I have stepped on something.

Puzzle: Open File: 2. P - Master Access Card.jpg

Seems like I need to shade in some key numbers to activate it. 

Answer in UPPER CASE, no space (e.g HOWAREYOU)

"Beep beep!" The door clicks open. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I push the door handle and enter the next room.

"Sssssssssss...." together with the sound of gas leaking, I see some black smoke coming out from the door machine as I try insert the access card. I immediately hold my breath until the smoke disappears. I need to try again ... quickly.

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