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Laboratory 3

As I walk into the next room, I smell a combination of damp air and burnt chemical. Somehow, the smell seems familiar. My stomach starts to cramp as I think about it.

Again, this is a room without another door connecting to it. How can I get through here? I look around the room and reach for a light switch. The single light bulb hanging from the ceiling lights up. A reflection from something metallic inside a cupboard catches my eye. I walk to the cupboard and open it.

I find Item - Patients Profile Abbott.

Oh Abbott, the poor woman...... I remember the day she arrived, she could not stop screaming as her son insisted to drop her off. Poor, poor Abbott, she was so sad and lonely.

"Ssssss....." The sharp throbbing pain comes back to my head again. "Medicine...... I need my medicine......" Before I can think any further, my hands reach out to those strange looking bottles.

Puzzle: Open Files: 1. P - 7 Medical Bottles.pdf

What is the correct order to take these bottles of medication?

Answer in UPPER CASE

My vision starts to blur, this doesn't seem to work. I'd better try again quickly.

The pain in my head seems to slowly go away, my vision is clearing up.

"Gutted! I almost remembered!" I am so frustrated and I kick the cupboard with all my anger. 

"Bang!" With a huge sound, the cupboard falls down. I feel some wet air creeping through. There is a hole on the wall behind where the cupboard was.

"Not another one, I hope this is the end." I groan.

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