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Consultation Room 1

I step into a new room, which seems to a consultation room. I reach my arms out to the chairs and the touch feels very familiar. The splashes on the folding screen look a bit eerie to me. The time on the clock seems to be stuck forever, just like the time in here......

I don't like this place.

Suddenly, the X-Ray film viewer starts to illuminate. An old piece of paper catches my eyes.

Puzzle: Open File: 1. E - Blood_Type_Puzzle.jpg

Who can donate blood to poor Earl?

Type in your answer in the form of ALICEBENCATHY if your answer is Alice, Ben and Cathy

No, this is not right, I am going to get Earl and the others in danger.

This is right! I hope that they have chosen the right people, and Earl has been saved...... 

Right, I am getting a little bit more used to how this crazy place is working now. There are items scattering everywhere in this place. I find Item - Patients Profile Earl, and interestingly, Item - Language behind the folding screen. Earl looks like a poor little boy, and I wonder what the language sheet is for.

"Click" I hear a light click, and another door suddenly is blown open by a cold wind that seems to come from nowhere.

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